Fattoria Zivieri, based in Zola Predosa – Bologna, was founded in November 2018 in order to create a production of top quality artisan cured meat products.

Based on the thirty-year experience of the Zivieri family, Fattoria unites the principles of ethical breeding and animal welfare: the pigs of the Zivieri farms, with which most of the Fattoria’s cured meats are produced, are left to grow in a semi-wild state on the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines and they are nourished in a natural way, so as to convey to the meat of these animals, fed in full respect of their natural rhythms of fattening, flavors and forgotten nutritional values.


The history of Fattoria Zivieri starts right here, from a quality raw material worked through with truly artisanal production processes.

Fattoria Zivieri

Via G.Dozza 32 - 40069 ZOLA PREDOSA (BOLOGNA)
P. IVA/Cod. Fisc. 03720361207